Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Overlooked Gift Part II

The Season of Singleness

III. The Delight of Singleness
The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. (Psalms 37:23)

Getting to the marriage altar is a step -only designed by God for whom and when he chooses - on the stairwell of life preceded by many other steps. Many attempt to leap to the step of marriage, and in doing so, they miss out on some of the greatest blessings God has prepared for them (on the other steps). Usually, the result is the person falling down the stairway hurting him. Thus, casual dating is often simply a display of a lack of satisfaction in God and his will for your life for the present moment.

Some of the greatest memories of my life were my years in college. The highlights would be the activities with fellow-believers of my age (both male and female). To be carefree and enjoy company with anyone, be it guys or girls, is an invaluable gift. This is just one example of the joy and freedom there is to experience while being single! Those who have boy/girl friends spend so much of their time with that one individual and limit their opportunity of whom they can befriend because they are bound to their "special friend."

How many life-long friends and memories have been forfeited because of having a boy/girl friend before being ready for marriage? If while single, we would make this one close friend God wants, which is Jesus, then we could easily be inclusive in our friendships with all others. But when we step ahead of God and choose to involve ourselves in a relationship at the wrong time, then we become exclusive toward others. This simply shows that stepping ahead of God's timing in arriving to a life's mate by placing emphasis on a date is a selfish life-style.

Someone once told me to "give attention to everyone and affection to no one." This is an helpful guideline that will enable you to be friends with all and still be faithful to God and to you future mate. As you spend your time with groups of people and you refrain from singling out one person of the opposite sex, you will be in an unbiased position when it is God's time to reveal your life's mate. There merely needs to be social contact in groups rather than physical contact between individuals. This policy would protect from temptation and preserve many friendships. Life is much simpler when you follow God's path rather than devising your own way.

IV. The Duration of Singleness
But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. (I Corinthians 7:7b)

God has a purpose for every person that exists and he has a plan for each of his children's lives. For many, he has the gift of marriage; while for some, he may have the gift of singleness for life. But for all, there is the gift of the season of singleness. Be sure not to make the mistake of overlooking this gift! It is imperative that you find your joy in Christ for what He has already provided for you. Do not dwell on what you have not, but rather on the gift that is now in your hand. Many are distracted in seeking who they will marry; but before knowing whom to marry, it is important to know when to marry. When God knows you are ready and wants you to marry, He will reveal who your mate will be.

Consider life as a long hallway consisting of a series of rooms. As you pass through one room, you come to another door leading you to the next room (phase of life). Do not spend your life planning and hoping to arrive in some particular room (i.e. time of marriage) that is not yet God's timing or choosing. You are not promised of tomorrow and may only have this day left. Will you find contentment in Christ or must you seek your own way? Do not add more weights on your mind, heart, and emotions when it is unnecessary. Be content in God's will today!

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